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I practice sex therapy from a bio-psycho-social perspective that includes education and coaching as well as traditional talk therapy. Most sexual concerns have multiple contributing factors at their root. Given this complexity, it is important to assess the full range of biological, psychological, interpersonal, and cultural variables that may play a part in problematic sexual experiences. Sexual struggles are not unusual but they can be complicated. I maintain an openness to the unique experiences and perspectives that each participant brings to sex therapy whether for individual or partnered work.


My goals in working with individuals and relationship partners are to provide knowledge and to facilitate insight that provides relief from feelings of disconnection, anxiety, relationship conflict, shame, and ultimately an unsatisfying sex life. Some of the individual and relationship concerns that I work with in sex therapy, coaching, and education:​​

  • Individual Sex Therapy

    • Performance Anxiety

    • Intimacy Avoidance

    • Body Image Concerns

    • Sexual Shame and Guilt

    • Spirituality, Religion, and Sexuality

    • Out of Control Sexual Behavior; aka 
      Sex or Porn “Addiction”

    • Erection Difficulties / Dysfunction

    • Rapid / Premature Ejaculation

    • Delayed Ejaculation

    • Low or No Desire

    • Difficulty with Orgasm

    • Difficulty Orgasming with Partner

    • Painful Intercourse

    • Gender and Sexual Identity

    • Sexuality Education and Coaching

  • Relational Sex Therapy

    • Differences In Desire Levels

    • Premarital Counseling

    • Rediscovering Passion

    • Avoidance of Intimacy

    • Sexual Communication

    • Conflict Management

    • Infidelity

    • Sex Coaching and Education

    • Kink/BDSM Exploration

    • Ethical Non-Monogamy

    • Polyamory

    • Tantric Approaches

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